Dosage of active ingredients and controlled substances (Annex III - RCE n1272/2008)
Dosage of the 26 regulated allergens (RCE n1272/2008)
Dosing of UV filters (Annex VI - RCE n1272/2008)
Dosage of preservatives (Annex V - RCE n1272/2008)
Determination of 3-iodo-2-propynylbutyl carbamate (IPBC) content
Determination of paraben content
Determination of pentylene glycol and benzyl alcohol content
Determination of pentylene glycol and phenoxyethanol content
Determination and detection of prohibited substances (Annex II - RCE n1272/2008)
Determination of dioxane content
Cosmetics Determination of phthalate content
Determination of heavy metal content
Determination of total formaldehyde content
Determination of free formaldehyde
Physicochemical and/or microbiological stability study (challenge test)
Physico-chemical stability
Challenge test
Compatibility container-content
Determination of the peroxide value
Determination of the anisidine index
Measuring the water activity of a product
Measurement of the pH of a cosmetic product
Measurement of the viscosity of a liquid
Organoleptic study and evolution follow-up
Pafum specific, HE, IFRA-compliant
Determination of rotational power (NF ISO 592) or specific rotational power
Determination of the composition of an essential oil
Determination of the content of restrictive compounds according to IFRA
Evaluation of the miscibility of a liquid with ethanol
Other / specific
Determination of microbial contamination on a cosmetic product
Determination of the saponification index
Determination of the hydroxyl number
Determination of dry matter
Determination of unsaponifiable matter content
Determination of acid number and acidity
Determination of the melting point of a solid
Determination of the refractive index
Determination of nitrogen content
Determination of the flash point
Characterisation / screening of a cosmetic product or an MP
Regulatory compliance
Regulatory audit and drafting of documents
Notification of cosmetic products on the CPNP portal
Product Information Dossier - Writing the DIP excluding the safety report
Product Information Dossier - Writing the safety report
Regulatory verification of labelling and marketing documents
Regulatory verification of formulas according to the marketing zone(s)
Writing the technical data sheet of a cosmetic product
Drafting of the safety data sheet of a cosmetic product
Compilation of the IFRA certificate
Test definition and planning