Testing & Certification

Expertise of materials

Fibre de cachemire
Fibre de laine
  • Textile materials

    • With more than 20 years of expertise, our laboratory accompanies you on a daily basis to select raw materials. 
    • We intervene in the event of a quality problem and are able in most cases to find the cause or causes of the defects observed. 
    • We carry out comparative analyzes between the unaffected parts and the defective parts. 
    • We are able to isolate substances to analyze them by IR spectrometry or by mass spectrometry. 
    • We make conclusions useful for sharing responsibilities.
    Synthetic materials 
    • Our infrared spectrometer is calibrated with an extensive library of reference spectra. 
    • Pure solid, liquid or pasty materials or mixtures are identified within a few minutes with good reliability.
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