Testing & Certification
The compliance regulatory application C-Watch  ©
The Compliance Watch (C-Watch) Regulatory Monitoring Web Application is a web-based database system designed to assist our clients in anticipating and implementing regulatory requirements across different distribution countries. C-Watch makes product compliance accessible for all markets and consumer goods!
C-Watch makes available: 
• Constant 24/7 updates on any text or standard. 
• Draft standards and/or unpublished draft laws from official sites, along with their impact on your product testing plans. 
• Technical PDFs from eco-organizations deposited in the database, covering marking and symbol requirements. 
• Integration of market surveillance programs at the substance control level (RAPEX, U.S. federal authority, etc.). 
• Each test is linked to its applicable standard, as appropriate, with a voluntary/conformity and/or mandatory status.
* C-Watch est une création de CTI-France protégée par un copyright.